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Presidency Events on ERA


As with Horizon Europe, also with regard to ERA, numerous events in Austria supplemented the negotiations on the ERA Conclusions at EU level. ERAC, ESFRI, Open Science, Joint Programming and many other fora discussed ERA-related topics during the Austrian Council Presidency. A special field which is also – but not only – linked to ERA is higher education. With a grand total of five events at the interface between higher education and research, the Austrian Presidency underlined the willingness to cooperate better between these policy fields under the reform agenda.

In this section you can find links to all Austrian Presidency events that focussed on ERA Governance, as well as the documentation of the outcome of these events.

Austrian Presidency events focussing on ERA Governance




10 Sept. 2018

ESFRI Meeting

11 Sept. 2018

ESFRI Roadmap Meeting

Outcome of ESFRI Roadmap Meeting

10 - 14 Sept. 2018

ICRI 2018 (International Conference on Research Infrastructures)

Outcome of ICRI 2018

17 - 18 Sept. 2018

ERAC Plenary/RWP Meeting

Outcome of ERAC Plenary / RWP Meeting

19 - 20 Sept. 2018

10 Years Joint Programming - Achievements and the Way Forward

Outcome of 10 Years Joint Programming event

22 Oct. 2018

The Role of Competitive Research Funding in Science

Outcome of Competitive Research Funding Conference

30 Oct. 2018

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): Austria takes the initiative

EOSC Conference Outcome - presentations

5 - 6 Nov. 2018

Impact of R&I Policy at the Crossroads of Policy Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Impact of R&I Policy Conference Outcome

23 Nov. 2018

Launch of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Governance Structure

EOSC Launch event - Outcome


Higher Education


20 - 21 Sept. 2018

The New Student: Flexible learning paths and future learning environments

Outcome of the conference

27 - 28 Sept. 2018

Meeting of the Bologna Follow-Up Group

Outcome of BFUG meeting

15 - 17 Oct. 2018

Asia-Europe Meeting /Senior Officials´ Meeting

ASEM Meeting - Outcome

18 - 19 Oct. 2018

Meeting of DGs for Higher Education

Meeting of DGs for Higher Education - Outcome

15 - 17 Nov. 2018

13th European Quality Assurance Forum 2018

European Quality Assurance Forum - Outcome
5 - 6  Dec. 2018 Security Research Event (SRE) 2018 Outcome of SRE


Formal Meetings at ministerial level

10 July 2018 Hearing of Minister Faßmann in EP’s ITRE Committee

28 September 2018 COMPET Council (Research) in Brussels

30 November 2018: COMPET Council (Research) in Brussels

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