e-Infrastructure Reflection Group


The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG https://e-irg.eu) is a recognised advisory body in the area of e-infrastructures to the European Commission, Member States and Associated Countries. e-IRG consists of national representatives nominated by the responsible ministries in the Member States and Associated Countries. e-IRG produces policy documents, which include recommendations to the various stakeholders. The concept of the e-Infrastructure Commons introduced in the e-IRG Roadmap 2012 and taken up further in the e-IRG White Paper 2013 and the document "National Nodes - Getting organised; how far are we?", is recognised as the foundation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The e-IRG White Paper 2021 identified some good practices in terms of coordination on institutional, national and regional level to further the implementation of the e-Infrastructure Commons. The most recent publication, the e-IRG White Paper 2022, took the topic of coordination and collaboration further by addressing the European e-Infrastructures and their interconnections.

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