ERA Governance


On 26 November 2021, the Council of the EU adopted, through Council Conclusions, a new governance for the ERA. A review of the ERA governance was already envisaged in 2018, when the Council concluded that an ambitious ERA would need a more effective governance. The main elements of the new ERA governance are:

  • Ensuring political ownership and commitment through a strong role of the research ministers through the Council (decision making) and ERA ministerial conferences (policy exchange at political level);
  • A renewed ERAC at high executive level, with a strategic advisory role on the implementation of the ERA, the ERA policy design, and EU R&I policy in general, with the ambition of bringing national and European R&I policy closer together;
  • The ERA Forum as the operational body of the ERA, responsible for enhancing coordination towards the effective implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda, and supporting the Commission and the Member States in the delivery of the ERA Actions;
  • A strong involvement of stakeholders, both at national and EU level, at all stages of the ERA policy cycle.


ERA Forum