Next Framework Programme (FP10)


The next Framework Programme for Research is currently referred to as “FP10”, as proxy for a name yet to be determined. While "FP10" is still years away – it is scheduled to start in January 2028 - reflections on how European research, technology and innovation policies could or should be shaped beyond 2027 have already started. Member States have begun their deliberations on "FP10" under the roof of ERAC, which is expected to deliver its early strategic advice for FP 10 by the end of June 2024. The European Commission has installed a High Level Expert Group, chaired by former Portuguese Minister for Research Manuel Heitor, with the task to provide the Commission with advice on the future Framework Programme by November 2024. In addition, the interim evaluation of Horizon Europe is on the way, and the final report is expected in early 2025. Furthermore, the European Council invited Enrico Letta to provide a report on the internal market, which was published in May 2024, and Mario Draghi will deliver a report on EU’s competitiveness commissioned by the EC, by end of June 2024.

All these activities are feeding into the preparatory work of the European Commission for its legislative proposal for the 10th Framework Programme. The proposal is expected in summer or autumn 2025. Then negotiations will start both in Council and at the European Parliament, with a view to adoption of the legislation for “FP10” before the end of 2027.

ERA Grafik diagram fp10