ERA Policy Agenda


The Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe establishes the ERA Policy Agenda as the document, approved by the Council, which sets out the ERA Actions to be implemented jointly and voluntarily in a coordinated and flexible manner, in support of the principles for research and innovation and ERA priorities set out in the Pact and in addressing challenges faced by EU and national R&I communities and society as a whole.

The ERA Actions should be clear and actionable, and provide real EU-added value, defining and describing each Action with a view to its implementation (at the Union and/or national level). The first ERA Policy Agenda (2022-2024) was approved by the Council as an Annex to the the Council Conclusions on the Future Governance of the ERA on 26 November 2021.

With these Conclusions, the Council laid down the following immediate further steps:

  1. The Council invited the Commission to prepare "Explanatory Documents" for all ERA Actions in the ERA Policy Agenda, describing the ERA Actions in detail. These documents were presented to the Member States by 9 February. The documents are available for download below.
  2. The ERA Forum, which had its kick-off meeting on 14 February 2022, was given the task to design and coordinate the implementation of the ERA Actions. The Forum will have a first round of discussions on all 20 ERA actions by early April 2022.
  3. ERAC was invited to provide its view on the ERA Policy Agenda by April 2022. To this end, ERAC will hold a Strategic Debate at its meeting on 12/13 April 2022.
  4. The Member States were asked to identify, within the first semester of 2022, those ERA actions in which they wish to participate.
  5. The Commission was invited to set up an ERA Monitoring and Evaluation Framework by mid-2022, to be established in co-design with the ERA Forum.