Sub-Group Inclusive Gender Equality in the European Research Area


The sub-group of the European Research Area Forum on ‘Inclusive Gender Equality in the European Research Area’ has been established to support the implementation of Action 5 of the ERA Policy Agenda 2022-2024. The content and orientation of the sub-group clearly reflect the key priority areas of Action 5. Thus, the sub-group has the following tasks and aims:

(a) Facilitate the exchange of experience and promote mutual learning regarding all aspects of gender equality in research and innovation (R&I) organisations through inclusive Gender Equality Plans and policies;

(b) Provide advice and support to the Commission to address policy challenges related to gender equality and inclusiveness in R&I, including as core tasks:

(c) Facilitate coordination and cooperation on Action 5 among the Commission, the Member States – and as appropriate, Associated Countries, relevant third countries and stakeholders – including through joint transnational activities;

(d) Facilitate the regular collection of sex- and/or gender-disaggregated data for the ‘She Figures’ publication and, where possible, of inclusive gender equality indicators in the field of R&I, in collaboration with national statistical offices;

(e) Liaise with related projects and other actions funded through Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, to build upon their knowledge, findings and activities;

(f) Liaise with national and European stakeholders and networks on matters relating to gender equality plans and inclusive gender equality policies in R&I in Europe;

(g) Interact closely with several other ERA Policy Agenda actions, including Action 3 on research assessment, Action 4 on research careers, Action 13 on universities, as well as Action 19 on the ERA monitoring mechanism, to ensure effective gender mainstreaming across the ERA.

Predecessors of this sub-groups are the Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation (1999-2017) and the Standing Working Group on Gender in Research (2017-2021).

The sub-group first met on 14 March 2023 and has since then met three times a year in regular meetings. In addition, an extraordinary meeting was held in 2023, during which the content for the next ERA Policy Agenda 2025-2027 on gender equality was discussed.

A Task Force on Gender-based Violence (ERA Action 5, Outcome 2) was also formed. This Task Force has developed an EU baseline for a strategy for a zero-tolerance code of conduct, which is currently being finalised.

At the 4th meeting of the ERA Forum Sub-group, which took place on site in Brussels on 14 February 2024, two further task forces were set up: The Task Force on Principles for the Integration and Evaluation of the Gender Dimension in R&I Content (ERA Action 5 Outcome 4), and the Task Force on Gender Mainstreaming (ERA Action 5 Outcome 3).