The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

September 19-20, 2018

10 Years Joint Programming - Achievements and the Way Forward

Location / Venue: Vienna, Austria
Organiser: JPI Urban Europe, FFG; supported by BMVIT, BMBWF

As part of the development of the next EU Framework Programme, the role of JPIs (and P2Ps in general) is under discussion. Based on the experiences of the 10 JPIs and their recently presented long-term visions and strategies, their role and contribution to developing and implementing mission-oriented programmes in FP9 will be discussed. The agenda is therefore built upon the following three issues:

  • Reflecting the experiences of JPIs, MS and EC in establishing mission-oriented / challenge driven R&I programmes against future requirements of the ERA and FP9

  • Presenting a common position and – if possible – a joint action plan of the 10 JPIs regarding the next development phase

  • Discussing its implementation and future scenarios with relevant national and EC representatives

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