Urban Europe


The future of Europe will be an urbanised future. Today, almost 80% of the population of Europe is living and working in urban agglomerations. Thus, it is in these very cities where the ongoing challenges are to be felt most, and where the demand for solutions is urgent.

The vision of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) "URBAN EUROPE" is to fundamentally rethink and manage the dynamics of urban development in Europe to sustain and enhance urban areas as a place of vitality, liveability and accessibility. To reach these aims, URBAN EUROPE provides a systemic approach which takes utmost advantage of emerging technologies, assessing their potential and socio-economic impacts and utilising them in fundamentally new urban policies and design strategies.

The JPI “URBAN EUROPE" aims at tackling some of the fundamental problems modern economies and societies are facing today. These problems include, inter alia, securing sustainable energy supply, securing society’s demand for (individual) mobility, reducing the ecological footprint of our modern economy and understanding the impacts of demographic change.

Within a "second wave" of Joint Programming themes, the GPC identified "URBAN EUROPE" as a theme for a Joint Programming Initiative (JPI).

The Council of the EU officially confirmed this "second wave" of JPI themes at its meeting on 26 May 2010.

Website: JPI Urban Website


Mr. Hans Guenther Schwarz Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Ms. Margit Noll FFG