Co-programmed partnerships


Co-programmed partnerships are partnerships between the Commission and mostly private partners. They develop joint research agendas, which are implemenred through calls for proposals in Horizon Europe. The basis for their cooperation is a Memoranda of Understanding which specifies the partnership’s objectives, the commitments from both sides and the governance structure.

On 14 June 2021, the Commission adopted Commission Decision C(2021)4113 on the approval and signature of the memoranda of understanding for 11 Co-Programmed Partnerships with a budget of over €8 billion from Horizon Europe:

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics
  2. Batteries
  3. Clean Steel - Low Carbon Steelmaking
  4. Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility
  5. European Open Science CloudMade in Europe
  6. People-centric Sustainable Built Environment
  7. Photonics
  8. Processes4Planet
  9. Zero-emission Road Transport
  10. Zero-emission Waterborne Transport.