Presidency Events on Sectoral Policies


During the Austrian Presidency in the second half of 2018, a total of 14 events supported the pertinent specialist discourse in many sectoral policy fields. These expert conferences underlined the interrelation between education, research, technological development, innovation, and all other policy areas. The first of these was the High Level Group on Education and Training, shortly before the start of the Presidency, followed by the WIRE Conference in the field of Structural Funds that took place from 4 to 6 July  in Innsbruck. The last of these events was the informal meeting of the Education Committee on 6-7 December in Vienna.

In this section you can find links to all Austrian Presidency RTI events focussing on sectoral policies, as well as the documentation of the outcome of these events.

Austrian Presidency RTI events focussing on sectoral policies








11 - 12 June 2018


High Level Group Meeting on Education and Training

Outcome of HLG Meeting

4 - 6 July 2018


WIRE 2018 - 9th Week of Innovative Regions in Europe

Outcome WIRE 2018

5 - 7 Sept. 2018


IIASA-JRC Evidence for Policy Summer School 2018

Outcome of IIASA-JRC Summer School

8 - 12 Sept. 2018


BE OPEN - Science & Society Festival

Outcome of BE OPEN
20 - 21 Sept. 2018The New Student: Flexible learning paths and future learning environmentsOutcome of The New Student conference

28 Sept. 2018


Human Biomonitoring in Europe – science and policy for healthy citizens


Outcome of Human Biomonitoring in Europe conference


2 Oct. 2018


High Level EU Conference: “The European Defence Fund – Driving Factor for Defence Research and Innovation”

Outcome of EDF Conference

3 - 5 Oct. 2018


International Sustainable Energy Conference 2018

Outcome of ISEC 2018
11 - 12 Oct. 2018Risk Data Hub & Austrian Disaster Network DaysOutcome of Austrian Disaster Network Days

23 - 25 Oct. 2018


Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference

Outcome of EEN Conference

5 - 6 Nov. 2018


Space Conference


12 - 14 Nov. 2018


European Big Data Value Forum

Outcome of European Big Data Value Forum

13 Nov. 2018


Smart specialisation (RIS3): European workshop on universities as regional lead institutions

Outcome of RIS3 Workshop on Universities

14 - 15 Nov. 2018


 Europe's Transformation: Where People Matter

Outcome of "Europe's Transformation" event

20 - 21 Nov. 2018


SET Plan Conference

SET Plan Conference - Outcome

26 - 27 Nov. 2018



ECOVATION 2018 - Outcome

26 - 27 Nov. 2018


 The Future of Mobility in European Cities (Urban Mobility)

Future of Mobility - Outcome
5 - 6  Dec. 2018Security Research Event (SRE) 2018SRE - Outcome

6 - 7  Dec. 2018


Meeting of Education Committee



Formal Meetings at ministerial level

10 July 2018 Hearing of Minister Faßmann in EP’s ITRE Committee

28 September 2018 COMPET Council (Research) in Brussels

30 November 2018: COMPET Council (Research) in Brussels