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19 Nov 2018

Participants from 40 countries discuss Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Photo credit: BKA/Christopher Dunker

More than 600 experts from science and industry met with policy makers from the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Vienna to discuss the challenges and opportunities of data driven artificial intelligence in Europe. The European Big Data Value Forum 2018 (EBDVF 2018) was organised by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology in cooperation with the Big Data Value Association and the European Commission. The event has successfully invigorated the big data community in Europe, facilitating networking between politics, industry, startup founders, research institutions and funding agencies, enabling consensus building between European and national stakeholders on a distinctive European vision of the data driven economy and AI, and disseminating insights from successful projects and visionaries. Participants from close to 40 countries have demonstrated the vitality and resolve of the European Big Data community for cooperation, opening up opportunities for joint projects and future initiatives. Established ICT players and newly emerging platforms have actively participated in creating a joint vision of the transformation process enabled by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

As a EU Presidency event, the EBDVF 2018 has contributed to the Austrian efforts for maintaining Europe’s competitiveness through digitalisation. Technical solutions for General Data Protection Regulation compliance were presented, illustrating the impact of European regulation on Big Data. Panel speakers and participants also reflected on the revision of European legislation on the re-use of public sector information proposed by the Austrian presidency and discussed its potential impact on European Data Flow and opportunities for the European data economy. Ethical, economic and technological aspects of regulation were discussed in multiple keynotes and sessions, highlighting the path towards creating a regulatory framework which anticipates new circumstances and which highlights the added value of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

With the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) launched at the event, Austria has taken the lead in the establishment of platforms for the broad participation in data driven innovation. The DIO will involve stakeholders from science, industry and public administration in a comprehensive initiative for the establishment of a broad ecosystem for data and intelligent services. As a permanent entity, the DIO will also facilitate the dialogue on regulation, standards and technology between major stakeholders and the general public, breaking up silos and combining forces to form a strong and efficient community. With the DIO, Austria is paving the way towards a successful transition into the data driven economy of the future.

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