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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

JTI Progress Report 2012

CREATED ON 09 Jan 2014


The report states that JTIs are concrete realisations of the European Union to strengthen its competitiveness through the practice of scientific excellence, openness and innovation. It analyses the JUs’ achievements in particular against the results presented in the previous report, for 2011. It aims to provide information to the European Parliament and the Council and summarises the progress achieved since the JTI JUs were set up. After a brief introduction to the JTI JUs, this report summarises their progress in 2012, which is elaborated in the accompanying Commission Staff Working Document. An outlook to future challenges closes the report.

The Commission Staff Working Document and the annexes attached to this report detail the activities of the respective JTI JUs in 2012 and give the results and progress of calls launched in previous years.


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