Joint Technology Initiatives


Joint Technology Initiatives are long-term Public-Private Partnerships which are managed within dedicated structures based on Article 187 TFEU. JTIs support large-scale multinational research activities in areas of major interest to European industrial competitiveness as well as issues of high societal relevance. They are established on the basis of European Technology Platforms (ETPs) in those cases where the scale and scope of the initiative make loose co-ordination through ETPs and support by the regular instruments of the Framework Programme for Research and Development insufficient. Instead, a dedicated structure has been chosen under the JTI approach to implement the Strategic Research Agendas (SRAs): the Joint Undertaking (JU). JUs are independent legal entities that manage research projects in an integrated manner, with industry joining forces with other stakeholders. They have a dedicated budget and staff and provide a framework for the public and private players to work and take decisions together.