2nd Interim Evaluation of Clean Sky, Fuel Cells & Hydrogen and Innovative Medicine Initiative


This report summarises the findings and main recommendations provided by the panels of independent experts who conducted the second interim evaluations of the following Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs):

  • Clean Sky
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative.

It also presents the Commission’s observations and highlights the areas in which follow-up actions should be planned. With this report, the Commission complies with the requirements under Article 11 of each Council Regulation establishing the above-mentioned Joint Technology Initiatives. Information on the three Independent Expert Groups (IEGs) that performed the evaluations and on the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) run for each JTI is provided in the annexes. The annex also includes a full list of recommendations delivered by the IEGs. The full individual reports are published on the corresponding Joint Undertaking website.

The overall conclusion of the IEG reports is that the Joint Undertakings have been successful in achieving their objectives, that they are relevant to the challenges of Horizon 2020 and they should be continued. The second interim assessments show that the existing Joint Undertakings have successfully demonstrated the viability of the PPP concept for research in strategic technological areas. They have been effective in delivering on the main objectives and have been able to reinforce Europe’s role in aeronautics, pharmaceutics and fuel cell and hydrogen R&D. Looking ahead, the experts consider that some issues can be improved and have therefore made a series of recommendations to remove or reduce weaknesses identified in the current operations of each Joint Undertaking and to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and quality.