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Annual Activity Report 2012 Clean Sky Joint Undertaking

CREATED ON 13 Sep 2013


The Annual Activity Report describes the activities of Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CS JU) conducted during 2012. CS JU is a Public-Private Partnership aiming to develop environmentally friendly technologies including all flying segments of commercial aviation. The aim is to reduce emissions and noise in Air Transport in Europe while improving the Air Transport system worldwide, minimising the impact of anthropogenic activities on climate change. In order to implement CS JU, the EU and major aeronautical stakeholders in Europe have agreed to set up a legal entity in form of a Joint Undertaking for a period up to 2017. The Council Regulation was agreed on 20 December 2007 by the Council of Ministers. The objective of CS JU is achieved through a cooperation of research activities funded by resources of the public and private sectors. The activities are carried out by aeronautical stakeholders directly and by partners through competitive Calls for Proposals. Clean Sky is organised in six Integrated Technology Demonstrators:
• Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft (SFWA)
• Green Regional Aircraft (GRA)
• Green Rotorcraft (GRC)
• Sustainable and Green Engines (SAGE)
• Systems for Green Operations (SGO)
• Eco-design (ECO)

Today more than 500 entities participate in Clean Sky as Members or Partners.

For further information, please go to the Clean Sky website, where you can find other reference documents:


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