FP7 Interim Evaluation


This interim evaluation of FP7 has been carried out by an independent Expert Group, chaired by Rolf Annerberg, Sweden. Key strengths of the current Framework Programme, areas in need of improvement, new concerns and dilemmas and directions for reform have been summarised. The panel also presents ten key recommendations, including the following issues:

1. to advance ERA and Innovation Union objectives,
2. to develop high quality research infrastructures,
3. to maintain the level of funding,
4. to encourage the participation of a broad spectrum of enterprises,
5. to implement simplification measures & a more trust-based approach,
6. more open calls for the Cooperation SP,
7. a moratorium on new instruments,
8. to increase female participation,
9. to increase participation of underrepresented Member States,
10. to integrate the international perspective into all programmes & instruments.