Biennial Monitoring Report 2022


The new approach for partnerships in Horizon Europe includes a new governance framework - the Strategic Coordinating Process. A key element of the Strategic Coordinating Process is to provide policymakers with evidence on the impacts and added value of the partnership approach. It should also provide feedback and advice to partnerships themselves on cross-cutting issues, such as implementing synergies and increasing the visibility and transparency of information regarding the partnership landscape.

The report on the Performance of European Partnerships (Biennial Monitoring Report, BMR) is the main vehicle of this process. It aims to provide a strong evidence base to guide the implementation of partnerships and to inform strategic discussions on the effectiveness of the new policy approach to European Partnerships and, where relevant, how it should evolve. The report aims to shed light on the progress of partnerships in achieving the EU objectives and targeted impacts both individually and collectively, at EU and national level. The BMR 2022 focuses on Horizon Europe’s new partnership landscape and establishes benchmarks for assessing progress in future reports.