A robust and harmonised framework for reporting and monitoring European Partnerships in Horizon Europe


At the beginning of 2021, the European Commission has set up an Expert Group to support the Strategic Coordinating Process – a new governance framework for EU Research & Innovation (R&I) Partnerships. The group is working on issues related to the implementation of this process and supporting the improved evidence base for strategic discussions on the new partnership policy and landscape.

In this first interim report, the Expert Group focused on developing a framework for reporting and monitoring on the progress made by all forms of European Partnerships –individually (‘partnership-specific indicators’) and as a policy approach (‘common indicators’), while making sure it is aligned with theHorizon Europe monitoring system and its Key Impact Pathways.

The Expert Group work builds on the recommendations of the ERAC Ad-hoc Working Group for Partnerships (2018) and the Transitional Forum for R&I Partnerships (2019-2020).