The RIS3 KEY for Self-Assessment


The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) had the idea of supporting regions, its lead enterprises and the lead institutions of science, research, technology and creativity to get started with their regional strategy: The RIS3 KEY for Self-Assessment is a 7-page and easy-to-use tool that helps to unlock the smart specialisation concept in practice, activating and mobilising the co-operation of government, business and the knowledge sector towards a RIS3.

The RIS3 KEY was developed by Joanneum Research, in co-operation with BMWFW and in the context of the OECD project on smart specialisation strategies. It is connected to the European Commission’s RIS3 Guide, and it assembles the feedback from EU and international partners.

The RIS3 KEY is currently available in German, English, Spanish, Czech, French, Slovenian and Serbian. The KEY is committed to practical use.

Download the RIS3 KEY (updated version of 12 September 2012) here: