Austrian Innovation Union Status Report 2014


This "Austrian Innovation Union Status Report 2014" is a condensed compilation of tangible measures, initiatives, processes or opinions which apply to a respective commitment. Policy papers, reports and other documents of overriding importance (e.g. Government programmes) which may cover certain commitments are not mentioned under each possible commitment, but are listed in the bibliography at the end of the report, entitled "Comprehensive Position Papers". Only those policy papers which correspond to a specific commitment or topic are cited explicitly.

The goal of this report is to give a brief overview of Austria’s status quo related to the Innovation Union Commitments. For the sake of completeness, this report lists all Commitments - even those exclusively addressing the Commission. On these there are concise excerpts taken from the  Commissions’ 2014 report "State of the Innovation Union – Taking Stock 2010-2014" to complete the picture.