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Gender Action Policy Briefs

CREATED ON 15 Oct 2019


  • GENDERACTION policy briefs on ERA

Gender equality and R&I performance go hand in hand

Why we need gender in ERA

14 May 2020, Briefing paper n.14: Disruptive Measures for GE in R&I

23 October 2019, Briefing paper n.13: Taking Structural Change into the Future

9 September 2019, Briefing paper n.12: Guidelines on Criteria of Good Practice

4 April 2019, Briefing paper n.11: The future of Gender Equality in European R & I

8 March 2019, Briefing paper n.10: The role of Funding Agencies in the promotion of GE in R&I

7 September 2018, Briefing paper n.9: Implementation of ERA Priority 4

10 July 2018, Briefing paper n.5: Gender in open science

28 March 2018, DR 3.1.: Report on National Roadmaps and Mechanisms in ERA Priority 4


  • GENDERACTION policy briefs on Horizon Europe


2 October 2019, Position Paper on Gender for the Implementation of Horizon Europe

30 August 2019, Position Paper on Gender in Horizon Europe Co-design

30 August 2018, Briefing paper n.8: Gender-responsible rules for participation in Horizon Europe

23 July 2018, Briefing paper n.7: Strengthening gender in the ERA

17 July 2018, Briefing paper n.6: Gender-responsive international cooperation for Horizon Europe

5 July 2018, Briefing paper n.4: Gender for Horizon Europe. Research & Innovation Missions

28 June 2018, Briefing paper n.3: The economic model envisioned by Horizon Europe

25 June 2018, Briefing paper n.2: Gender as a global challenge and key driver for innovation.

21 June 2018, Briefing paper n.1: Gender in Horizon Europe an unfinished business



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