The Commission's Response to the FP7 Interim Evaluation


Based on a Commission Decision specifying the Terms of Reference, a group of 10 experts was appointed to carry out the FP7 Interim Evaluation. The group was chaired by Rolf Annerberg, Director General of the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Research and Spatial Planning. The report was submitted on 12 November 2010.

Also an evaluation of the Risk-Sharing Finance Facility's (RSFF) implementation has been carried out. The results of the RSFF interim-evaluation have to be presented by the Commission in the form of a report to the Council and the European Parliament, on the basis of which they may decide to release the earmarked second tranche of the EU financial contribution to the RSFF (up to EUR 500 million) for the period 2011-20138. The report of the Independent Experts Group, composed of 6 members and chaired by Mrs Erika Mann, former MEP, was submitted on 1 August 2010.

This Communication responds to the recommendations in these evaluations by outlining which actions the Commission intends to take or has already taken, but also indicating where no obvious or immediate solution exists.