Ex Post Evaluation of the Sixth Framework Programme


In 2008, the Commission appointed an Expert Group to undertake an evidence-based, ex-post evaluation of FP6. This final report is the result of the experts work. In addition to analysing and drawing conclusions from the past, the expert group makes recommendations and formulates a vision for new dimensions of European RTD policy.

The reports "Information Society Research and Innovation: Delivering results with sustained impact Evaluation of the effectiveness of Information Society Research in the 6th Framework Programme 2003-2006, Joint Research Centre Direct Actions in the 6th Framework Programmes 2002-2006 and European Added Value of Community Research Activities are parts of this ex post-evaluation exercise.

On 30 April 2009 the European Commission published its response. The aim of this Communication is to respond to the issues raised in the ex-post evaluation of the 6th Framework Programme in an open and transparent manner, outlining which actions the Commission intends to take or has already taken to alleviate the problem, but also discussing issues where no obvious or immediate solution exists.