Evaluation of the European Innovation Partnership Concept


"Outriders for European Competitiveness" - Report of the Independent Expert Group

An independent Expert Group was set up by the European Commission in 2013 to assess progress and evaluate the overall performance of the European Innovation Partnerships. The Group was given the task to deliver an objective and reasoned assessment of the EIP concept and approach. It was asked to provide a global assessment of the actions that took place within each EIP and the emerging outcomes. Its mandate was to both analyse the working methods of the current EIPs, review provisional and actual results and lessons learnt, assess any measures to improve the functioning of the current EIPs, and identify criteria for future EIPs. The review was not meant to redefine objectives or priorities of the individual current EIPs. In the context of this assessment, the Expert Group makes eight recommendations:

1. Adopt improved criteria for launching new EIPs
2. Provide an architecture for systemic change
3. Deploy a professional Design Team to guide the work of the EIPs
4. Adopt an ecosystem approach to delivery
5. Build a level playing field proactively
6. Adopt clear indicators for success
7. Secure committed high-level leadership and adopt an effective governance model
8. Improve the stakeholder model.

The members of the Independent Expert Group are

Esko Aho (Chair)
Sylvia Schwaag Serger,
Walter Mönig,
Petra Wilson,
Cristina Garmendia,
Marco Steinberg and
Paweł Świeboda.

The Report of the Expert Group was published in 2014.