Researchers' Report 2013


The European Commission published the 2013 edition of the "Annual integrated report on the research profession in Europe - The Researchers' Report 2013", which is a comprehensive report on the profession of "researcher" in Europe.

The report was written in the context of human resources policy in research. It is also connected with the implementation of Commitments 1, 4 and 30 of the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative. National actions plans for researchers, reports of the Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility (SG HRM), cooperation with the working group on "Monitoring and Indicators" and the results of specific studies have been incorporated into the Researchers' Report 2013. The "Country Profiles 2012"  which form the basis for the Report have been updated by the Member States.

Additional information (Annex III (Measures supporting women in top-level positions), Annex IV (Measures supporting education and training), Annex V (Social security benefits (sickness, unemployment and old-age)), Scorecards, Good practices und 38 country profiles can be downloaded from the Commission's Website: .