Gender equality and foster inclusiveness


The Commission’s Communication ‘A new ERA for Research and Innovation’ of 30 September 2020 introduces a new concept to deepen the ERA through gender equality which includes most notably the development of inclusive gender equality plans with Member States and stakeholders, building on Horizon Europe. This inclusiveness dimension aims to better tackle intersections between gender and other diversity categories (i.e. intersectionality), as well as to take into account inclusiveness at the geographical and sectorial levels to ensure that all countries are on board, and that the innovation and private sectors are also involved, considering in particular the significant under-representation of women in the STEM-oriented innovative entrepreneurship domain.

The Council Conclusions of 1 December 2020 on the New ERA also called on the Commission and Member States “for a renewed focus on gender equality and mainstreaming, including through the instrument of gender equality plans and the integration of the gender dimension into R&I content [and] INVITES Member States and research funding organisations to advance measures to ensure that allocation of research funding is not affected by gender bias”.

The Pact on R&I in Europe clearly affirms gender equality, equal opportunities and inclusiveness as well as the integration of gender dimension into R&I content, as a values and principles, and underlines as priorities for joint action: ensuring fair, open, inclusive and genderequal career paths to facilitate systemic institutional and structural change in R&I funding and performing organisations; counteracting gender-based violence including sexual harassment; removing inequities regardless of gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation; and monitoring and evaluating national gender equality policies and plans in R&I.