EU-PM Performance Report 2021


The seventh comprehensive report of Austria’s performance in the EU Framework Programmes was published on 15 June 2021 by the FFG EU Performance Monitoring (EU-PM). The source of the data used in this report is based on the data release of the European Commission of March 2021.

Horizon 2020 officially ended on 31 December 2020. With its budget of € 77.2 billion, it has been the largest Research Framework Programme of the EU so far. More than 280,000 projects applied for funding, with nearly one million participations, around 34,000 projects were selected for funding, receiving a total of € 65 billion. Around 90% of participations, coordinations and funding are accounted for by EU Member States.

Austrian enterprises and researchers have already been awarded € 1.8 billion of Horizon 2020 funding so far and have thus exceeded Austria's goal for Horizon 2020 (€ 1.5 billion) by far. This corresponds to a 2.8% share in all funding under funding contracts. Austria is represented in nearly 3,000 projects with a total of 4,666 participations, and 877 coordinations.

29% of Austrian participations are accounted for by the higher education sector, with 39% of funding. 37% of participations come from the enterprise sector, with 31% of funding. Non-university research institutions have 23% of participations, and 25% of funding. Public institutions and other organisations together make upf 11% of participations and have received 5% of funding. As is customary in the comprehensive EU-PM reports, a dedicated section also looks at the distribution of participations and funding amongst the federal provinces.