Overview Report May 2023


As of May 2023, the contract database contains around seven thousand projects with a total of around 45,000 participations and 19.4 billion euros in funding are documented in the contract database.

Horizon Europe (budget 95.5 billion euros) is complemented by the Euratom programme for research and training. For the period 2021-2025, a budget of EUR 1.4 billion is planned. As no data is currently available for this programme is currently not available, we have not included Euratom in this report.

Austria continues to be successful in the Horizon Europe Programme programme: Since the start of the programme in 2021, a total of 625.6 million euros in funding has been awarded to Austrian projects, This corresponds to 3.2 % of the total funding volume. A considerable success, also in comparison compared to Horizon 2020, where the Austrian share was 2.9%. A total of 1,332 participations come from Austria, which corresponds to a share of 3 %. share. The success rate of the participations - i.e. i.e. the share of approved participations in the of the participations submitted - is 22.8% for Austria, which is above the average for the EU member states of 22.5 %. This means that Austria continues to be at the top of the Horizon Europe predecessor programme Horizon 2020, Austria is still on the right track.