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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

December 5, 2019

Guild Forum on European Universities

Location / Venue: Brussels

The European University initiative has triggered substantial enthusiasm, energy and creativity amongst universities, inspiring national leaders, ministries, university staff and students alike. Following the success of the first pilot call, how can we ensure that European University alliances deliver on their ambitious objectives? The Guild Forum will discuss how this initiative can help accelerate institutional change and help universities retain their position amongst the best in the world. It will explore how can EU programmes and Member States support alliances in delivering on their joint strategy. Given the extensive efforts that are being devoted to this initiative across Europe, this Forum will address a crucial question: can European Universities transform the higher education sector for good?

Panellists will address key issues of academic concern:

  • Innovative strategies for bringing together education, research and innovation, including creating meaningful links between the European Research Area and the European Education Area
  • New impulses for how alliances can increase benefits to their local economies and regions, while at the same time articulating the societal value of science to the wider public.
  • Examining how partners from outside of the EU/EEA can bring added value to the alliances' vision, given the complexity of building trust and creating effective governance models within European Universities.
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