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November 13-15, 2019

SET-Plan Conference 2019 - R&I in the energy sector, to enhance European industrial leadership

Location / Venue: Helsinki, Finland

With the EU’s clean energy package and the Paris Agreement in place, the focus is now on their implementation. EU Member States’ 2030 National Energy and Climate Plans and the 2050 long-term strategies under the Paris Agreement aim to identify pathways to reach the agreed climate goals. Research and innovation, new technologies and improvements to existing ones are essential to a swift and profound transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) was established to accelerate the transformation of the European energy system and to bring new low-carbon energy technologies to market. It identifies actions for research and innovation throughout the whole innovation chain. SET-Plan conferences offer an opportunity for decision-makers, researchers and stakeholders to get together and evaluate the progress made towards achieving the SET-Plan’s goals.

This November, the focus of the conference will be research and innovation in the energy sector to enhance European industrial leadership. Sessions will address, among other topics, the decarbonisation of industry, sector coupling and developments in renewable energy. Financing of low-carbon technologies, nuclear innovation and the role of women in clean energy will also be discussed.


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