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November 5, 2019

Europatagung 2019: "Turning the Page"

Location / Venue: Thirty Five, Wienerbergstraße 11, ENTRANCE via Maria-Kuhn-Gasse, Foyer West
Organiser: BMBWF

The Europatagung 2019 took place on 5 November 2019. The conference outline, programme and presentations can be found below.


The Europatagung 2019, to be opened by Federal Minister Iris Rauskala on 5 November 2019, is about the fact that nothing will remain the same as it is today. Now is the time of a transitional government in Austria, the time before the parliamentary elections, followed by the time when a new government will be formed, and then?

Now is the time of a new EU Commission being appointed, the time of negotiations on the future EU budget, the time of tuning in to Horizon Europe, and then?

Now is the time before BREXIT, the time of growing global tensions, not least between the US and China, and then?

The Europatagung 2019 will take up all these uncertainties and will discuss them with a view to research, technology and innovation. TURNING THE PAGE as the motto of the Europatagung 2019 will invite its participants to answer the question "and then?" in many ways. The European Commission's Director-General for Research and Innovation will highlight Austria's success in the EU Framework Programmes so far. Nonetheless, he will also remind us that yesterday's success is no guarantee for success in Horizon Europe. Austria will have to position itself even better in order to be able to benefit accordingly from the ERC and the EIC, the Missions and Partnerships and all Clusters, the EIT and the other parts of the Programme.

Austria's share in the population of the EU is less than 2%. RTI policy in Austria will also have to think of the remaining 98% of Europe when shaping the new RTI Strategy 2030 of the Federal Government in 2020. The Europatagung will provide input from the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency), the FWF (Austrian Science Fund), and the Industriellenvereinigung (Federation of Austrian Industries) on what "TURNING THE PAGE" means from their point of view, in order to move Austrian RTI on to the next level of quality and impact.

Global developments in the field of RTI also deserve an increased level of attention. For this reason, one of the afternoon panels of the Europatagung will highlight the issue "Beyond Europe: Success through cooperation". Another panel will discuss the current status of the developments in Austria, "Government Programme 2019-2024: Success through RTI“. A third panel will be dedicated to "Europe's Challenges: Success through impact".

The content design of the Europatagung is closely linked with the ERA Council Forum Austria, chaired by Helga Nowotny. At the end of this year's Europatagung, the members of the ERA Council will invite participants to a sparkling wine reception, to mark the expiry of the mandate of this advisory body. In 2020, the Austrian advisory system will be re-designed in the context of the RTI Strategy 2030. TURNING THE PAGE, also in this respect.


Europatagung 2019 - Programme

The programme in German is available for download at the end of this page.

10:00                          Registration and coffee

Moderator:                Tarek Leitner, ORF

10:30                          Musical opening
                                   Nuno Maulide

                                   Opening address
                                   Iris Rauskala, Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research

                                   Helga Nowotny, Chair of ERA Council Forum Austria

                                   Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General for Research and Innovation,
                                   European Commission 
                                   „How can Austria continue to benefit from the EU in the field of STI?“

                                   Kick-off statements

                                   Henrietta Egerth, General Manager of FFG -
                                   Austrian Research Promotion Agency
                                   "Turning the Page – Austria in Europe"

                                   Klement Tockner, President of FWF -
                                   Austrian Science Fund
                                   "Turning the Page – Austria's science"

                                   Isabella Meran-Waldstein, Division Manager for RTI,
                                   Industriellenvereinigung (Federation of Austrian Industries)
                                   "Turning the Page – Austria's economy"

                                   Claus Karthe, German Accelerator Southeast Asia,
                                   Singapore (tbc)
                                   “Turning the Page – China, India and South-East Asia”

12:30 – 13:30             Lunch

13:30 – 15:00             Silent Discos

                                   Silent Disco 1: "Government Programme 2019-2024: Success through RTI"
                                   Moderator: Helga Nowotny, ERA Council
                                   Ludovit Garzik, RFTE - Austrian Council for
                                   Research and Technology Development
                                   Mariana Kühnel, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (Austrian 
                                   Economic Chambers)
                                   Isabella Meran-Waldstein, Industriellenvereinigung (Federation of 
                                   Austrian Industries)
                                   Klement Tockner, FWF - Austrian Science Fund
                                   Oliver Vitouch, UNIKO - Universities Austria

                                   Silent Disco 2: "Europe's Challenges: Success through impact"
                                   Moderator: Jana Kolar, ERA Council
                                   Michael Dinges, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology                                  
                                   Andrea Höglinger, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
                                   Jean-Eric Paquet, European Commission
                                   Martin Russ, Austria Tech, EU-Mission Board Member

                                   Silent Disco 3: "Beyond Europe: Success through cooperation“
                                   Moderator: Reinhilde Veugelers, ERA Council
                                   Marcus Bergmann, BMEIA - Austrian Federal Ministry of
                                   Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
                                   Stefan Riegler, BMDW - Austrian Federal Ministry of
                                   Digital and Economic Affairs
                                   Brigitte Weiss, BMVIT - Austrian Federal Ministry of
                                   Transport, Innovation and Technology
                                   Barbara Weitgruber, BMBWF - Austrian Federal Ministry of
                                   Education, Science and Research

followed by                 Sparkling wine reception on the occasion of the expiry of
                                   the six-year mandate of the ERA Council

16:30                          Europatagung ends


We kindly ask you to register by 25 October 2019 by e-mail to

How to get there:

Shuttle busses will take participants to the venue from 09:15 a.m., departing from Josef-Meinrad-Platz/Burgtheater, 1010 Vienna.

By public transport: bus stop 7B, 65A, 15A

By car: Coming from Triester Straße, turn right into Hertha-Firnberg-Straße, then right again into Maria-Kuhn-Gasse.

Free parking will be offered at the venue's underground car park (access via Maria-Kuhn-Gasse) on the day of the event. We recommend that you park your car at level -5 and following the signs in the lift. When leaving the event, you can have your ticket stamped by us.

For any questions please contact:


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