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Measuring Innovation Output in Europe: Towards a New Indicator

CREATED ON 13 Sep 2013


On 13 Sept. 2013, the European Commission published a Communication on measuring innovation output. The proposed innovation indicator is a component index quantifying four dimensions:

  • technological innovation,
  • economic structure,
  • competitiveness of knowledge-intensive goods and services,
  • and employment in fast-growing firms of innovative sectors.

Austria is ranked in a group of "medium-level performers" like Hungary, Slovenia, Italy und Cyprus.The "top performers" are Sweden, Germany, Ireland and Luxembourg, followed by the "very good performers" Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom.

The Commission, in collaboration with the OECD, has elaborated a methodology of this indicator, based on a mandate given by the European Council in 2011 and 2013. Advice by a High Level Panel of top innovators & economists and the outcomes of discussions with Member States have been taken into acoount.



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