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SiS Net Policy Brief on Research Integrity

CREATED ON 14 Jan 2019


What is research integrity? Why do we need it? Which principles does it follow? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the policy brief by, the international network of National Contact Points for the "Science with and for Society" (SWAFS) program line in the EU Research Framework Program "Horizon 2020"

Good research practices are based on fundamental principles of research integrity and guide researchers in their work and in addressing the practical, ethical and intellectual challenges of research. This policy brief aims to provide a concise definition, explanation and context, along with useful (online) resources on research integrity, which can be understood as a summary of responsibilities for the research community on one hand, and as a reassurance of society's trust in the outcomes of research on the other. Research integrity is a key strategic dimension of the Horizon 2020 Programme “Science with and for Society” and is part of the Responsible Research and Innovation concept.



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