Smart Cities and Communities - European Innovation Partnership


On 10 July 2012, the European Commission presented a Communication on a "Smart Cities and Communities" EIP, a partnership across the areas of energy, transport and information and communication. Its objective is to catalyse progress in areas where energy production, distribution and use, mobility and transport, and information and communication technologies are intimately linked and offer new interdisciplinary opportunities to improve services, while at the same time reducing energy and resource consumption and greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions. It is the logical next step to scale up in a comprehensive and integrated way the efforts undertaken by the related urban energy efficiency component of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan in 2011. The partnership focuses on industry-led innovation as a key driver to achieve economic and social change in urban areas and promotes actions across the innovation cycle and across different sectors. It supports existing and future EU initiatives for urban areas in the field of environment (i.e. resource efficiency, water, waste, pollution, green infrastructures) and climate policies.