Towards a European Research Area (2000)


Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and to the Committee of the Regions (18 January 2000).

In its Communication "Towards a European Research Area", the Commission outlined the objectives and the scope of a new strategy. The vision of having a fully developed, functioning and interconnected research space, in which barriers would
disappear, collaboration would flourish, and where a functional integration process would take place, was thus clearly expressed. The European Research Area concept was welcomed by the European Council in Lisbon and subsequent European Council meetings, and was endorsed specifically by the Research Council when ministers met in June and November 2003. Its strategy was also praised by the March 2001 Stockholm Summit conclusions, that once again placed science and technology on top of the list of European priorities. In the fast changing environment of science, technology and innovation, its messages touching upon the organisation of research, the role of the players, the distribution and co-ordination of research efforts, its economic aspects, as well as the take up and integration of results, have found widespread support.