Some Critical Reflections on the Role of Work Programmes in Horizon 2020


This issue of "Think Pieces" aims at analysing the role of Work Programmes for the implementation of Horizon 2020. The paper argues that, given the long history and the paramount importance of Work Programmes as an implementation tool, it might seem rather strange to put their role into question. However, imagining a European Research Programme without annual Work Programmes illustrates that the merits of Work Programmes seems to come at a surprisingly high price, and it could be argued that in the end, the European Research System might be better off with no, or substantially “lighter”, Work Programmes.

The THINK Pieces reflect Mr.Fisch's personal views and do not represent the position of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW). Mr. Fisch's THINK Pieces are contributions to the conceptual debate on European research policy, aiming at stimulating reflection and discussion.