Challenges of Austrian RTI Policy with a View to Horizon 2020


“Challenges of Austrian RTI Policy with a View to Horizon 2020: Consultation of the Nominated Delegates and Experts for the 7th EU Framework Programme” is a study carried out by Joanneum Research on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research between December 2012 and March 2013.

The study provides an overview of the experiences of the Austrian programme delegates and experts nominated for the 7th Framework Programme, with a view to gaining insight into governance mechanisms both at European and at national level. In addition, the study describes the role of delegates and experts, their tasks and the efforts made for fulfilling them. The delegates’ and experts’ expectations with regard to Horizon 2020 should contribute to defining the requirements for their future work, as well as to taking any measures required in Austrian RTI policy for meeting the challenges presented by Horizon 2020 in time.

The study is available in German only.