Director of Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure (AD14)

European Commission
Place of employment
Brussels, Belgium
Application deadline
27 Nov 2023


DG CONNECT supports the digital transformation of our economy and society and conceives and implements the policies required to foster the internal market and make Europe fit for the Digital age. The implementation of the DG's activities is based on a two-way cooperation with all interested parties (business, academia, public organisations, stakeholders, citizens). The DG also actively promotes cross-cutting collaboration within the DG and across the Commission.

The Director's duties include:

- carry out analytical work and formulate strategies and policies for the Directorate-General in the area of the Directorate;

- establish the work programme of the Directorate (objectives, outputs, deadlines) and ensure its coherence and consistency with the overall objectives of the Directorate-General;

- ensure effective planning and management of the activities of the Directorate, including quality standards, monitoring of deadlines, workflow, progress and fulfilment of objectives;

- co-ordinate and implement the activities falling within the work programme of each unit within the Directorate while ensuring their coherence and compatibility with the policies of the EU / Commission;

- ensure effective planning, assignment and management of the human resources of the Directorate; supervise and control the performance of the Directorate, including analysis / evaluation of outcomes and management to ensure an effective and efficient allocation and use of resources;

- ensure the effective planning and management of budget resources throughout the Directorate and contribute to the development of the budgetary and financial resource management policies of the Directorate-General within the overall Commission policy framework;

- assist the Director-General in organisational matters of the Directorate-General and its overall management; represent the Directorate-General in external and internal events relevant to the Directorate or the Directorate-General, including the participation of the Directorate in relevant committees and working group meetings;

- liaise and maintain regular contacts with relevant internal services of the Commission and external bodies with a view to representing the interest of the Directorate-General and to being up-to-date on the development of EU / Commission policies relevant to the sphere of action of the Directorate.

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