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August 22-24, 2019

Alpbach Technology Symposium

Location / Venue: Alpbach, Austria

"Liberty & Security" - these are the two perspectives the Technology Symposium will focus on this year to approach the rapid changes that are happening in technology and society. By connecting everything, the Internet has created unexpected liberties, promising universal information and education for all, but has also shown its dark side with cybercrime, mobbing or the targeted manipulation of information. Now the Internet of Things enhances our senses, smart assistants and robots supported by artificial intelligence relieve us of tedious work and 3D printers even enable us to create novel things ourselves. "Discussing Technology", the Technology Symposium's yearbook, this year titled "Cyber Security", will also deal with topics like these. So how do we want to shape this digital world of ours? The Technology Symposium will try to give answers. At the same time we present an exciting accompanying exhibition that bridges the gap from art to technology.

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