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Fifth FP7 Monitoring Report

CREATED ON 02 Oct 2012


The Fifth FP7 Monitoring Report covers the implementation of the Framework Programme in the years 2007-2011. It is based on the FP7 Monitoring system, which was designed as an internal management tool of the European Commission using a core set of performance indicators.

The following selected facts and figures highlight some of the main findings of this report:

  • The magnitude of FP7 is illustrated by the impressive participation figures: During the first five years of FP7, 307 concluded calls received more than 95.000 proposals, out of which more than 79.000 – involving a staggering more than 386.000 applicant organisations and individuals – were included in the evaluation procedure, and more than 16.000 – involving more than 85.000 participants – were finally retained for negotiations, with a corresponding requested EU funding of € 25,7 billion. Proposals and applicants had an average success rate of 20% and 22%, respectively.
  • On the participation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it is estimated that during the first five years of FP7 implementation 17% of all participants in signed grant agreements were SMEs.
  • On the gender dimension of FP7 participation, it is estimated that 26% of contact persons for scientific aspects in FP7 funded projects are female. A more detailed analysis shows significant variations among the different thematic areas of FP7 as well as among the EU Member States.
  • The significant international dimension of FP7 is illustrated by the fact that during five years it funds projects with participant organisations from as many as 169 countries. Outside the group of EU and Associated Countries the biggest participants are the USA, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Ukraine.
  • On the redress and ethical review procedures, out of the 2,678 requests for redress received, only 48 led to a re-evaluation, whereas 1,382 ethical reviews were organised so far with no project having been stopped.


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