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First FP7 Monitoring Report

CREATED ON 30 Mar 2009


This first FP7 Monitoring Report is based on a new monitoring system which is designed as an internal management tool. In previous Framework Programmes monitoring had been implemented through annual panels of independent experts which selected specific areas of FP implementation and performance to analyse.This report is intended to be a first of a series of annual reports, all structured along the same principles and thus allowing for the first time a kind of longitudinal analysis of the FP7 implementation based on a coherent system of indicators.
The report covers the year 2007 and explains in Part 1 the new monitoring system in more detail. Part 2 presents a detailed factual analysis of the main elements of the overall FP7 implementation, whereas Part 3 takes a closer look at some new elements and specific fields of the FP. The current situation with regard to the simplification process is described in Part 4,  whereas Part 5 is a first attempt to look at impacts and achievements.


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