ERA Portal Austria is a knowledge-sharing platform providing information on EU-related research policy and its implementation in Austria and in Europe. In this context it supports decision-making by providing strategic intelligence. In addition, ERA Portal Austria serves as a promotion platform for Austrian initiatives in Europe.

The website was relaunched in January 2014 and now offers some new features:

• responsive design, individual versions for smart phones and tablets.

• a news section providing up-to-date information on recent developments in European research policy

• a new search facility

• a Helpdesk for the Austrian RTI community providing answers to individual inquiries on ERA related matters.

The ERA Portal Austria logo

The new logo is composed of individual triangles in red and blue. The triangle is derived from the letter "A" for "Austria". The colour red also stands for Austria (the Austrian flag is red-white-red). The colour blue as well as the stars in the middle of the logo, represent Europe. The three hexagons symbolise the three main targets of the website: To provide information, analyses and a communication & networking facility.