EU Action Plan


In order to substantiate the RTI Strategy of the Austrian Federal Government as adopted on 8 March 2011, a Task Force was set up with the objective of developing proposals for measures for further implementing the Strategy by summer 2013. Several inter‐ministerial Working Groups support the Task Force. The respective proposals for measures were drawn up by summer 2013 and reported back to the Government.

Working Group 7b “Austria and the European Research and Innovation Area 2020” had the task of formulating an EU Action Plan. This EU Action Plan includes on the one hand the positions Austria should support with regard to European RTI policy, and on the other hand measures which Austria should take forward, in order to be as well prepared and adjusted as possible with regard to these current developments in the field of European RTI policy.

Six priority areas were identified, and a total of 72 measures were developed for covering them:

  1. Using Horizon 2020 for Austria
  3. Promoting the implementation of the “European Research Area” in Austria
  5. Strengthening multilateral cooperation
  7. Deploying “Innovation Union” for a growth-oriented RTI policy in Austria
  9. Optimising interfaces of Austrian RTI Policy in the light of the “Europe 2020” Strategy
  11. Strengthening effective governance of EU affairs in Austria.

The measures proposed in the EU Action Plan apply to the period from 2013 to 2020. Depending on agreement by the Federal Government, the ministries responsible for their implementation respectively can define the measures to be taken within their sphere of responsibility, and provide details with regard to the content of these measures.

Working Group 7b monitors the EU Action Plan. In the year 2016, an independent evaluation should assess the status of the implementation of the Action Plan as well as the process of the RTI ministries accompanying its implementation. The evaluation should also draw up recommendations with regard to the remaining duration of the Action Plan.