Austrian RTI Strategy


The Austrian Federal Government launched its Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation for the next decade on 8 March 2011. According to its motto “Realising Potential, Increasing Dynamics, Creating the Future: Becoming an Innovation Leader”, the strategy addresses measures to strengthen national research structures with a focus on excellence, to foster the innovative capacity of companies, allow for thematic priority setting, raise the efficiency of governance, and link research, technology and innovation to the education system. The strategy should also help to mobilise research, technology and innovation for the grand challenges of society and the economy.

Hence, with its 2020 perspective, the strategy is intended to be a guiding instrument for Austria to advance towards the group of most innovative countries in Europe, and to contribute to the implementation of the Innovation Union.

The Federal Government’s RTI Strategy is the outcome of a multi-layer process, starting with a nationwide stakeholder consultation (Austrian Research Dialogue), followed by a thorough evaluation of the research funding system (Systems Evaluation), and a final drafting process involving government experts from six ministries.

In order to substantiate the Federal Government’s RTI Strategy, a Task Force was set up with the objective of developing proposals for measures for further implementing the Strategy. Several inter-ministerial Working Groups support the Task Force. The respective proposals for measures were drawn up by summer 2013 and reported back to the Government.

The final reports of the two inter-ministerial Working Groups "Internationalisation and RTI Foreign Policy" (7a) and “Austria and the European Research and Innovation Area 2020” (7b) can be downloaded here: Beyond Europe and EU Action Plan.

In December 2013, the newly elected government in its Government Programme confirmed the orientation on the RTI Strategy in order to advance towards the group of the most innovative research countries in Europe as one of its objectives.

The Federal Government's Research and Technology Report - a report which has to be submitted annually to the Austrian Parliament - includes a chapter on progress made in implementing the Austrian RTI Strategy in its 2014 and 2015 editions. The annual Research and Technology reports are available on the web site of the Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in English and in German.

The Federal Chancellery provides a Web site of the RTI Task Force (in German).

Following up on the RTI Strategy, an "Aktionsplan für einen wettbewerbsfähigen Forschungsraum" (Action Plan for a Competitive Research Area) was drawn up by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and presented on 25 February 2015. It contains measures within the remit of the ministry for an enhanced implementation of the RTI Strategy of the Federal Government, in selected fields. The document is available in German only.