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Facility Coordinator (ref VN222)

Institution: SESAR Joint Undertaking
Place of employment: Brussels, Belgium
The application deadline is: 30 Jun. 2020

The Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research and Development (“SESAR”) Programme aims to modernise the air traffic management (“ATM") in Europe and represents the technological pillar of the Single European Sky.

In order to properly manage this huge and ambitious programme, a legal entity was created under European Union law. The SESAR Joint Undertaking (“SJU”), was established under Council Regulation (EC) 219/2007 of 27 February 2007, Regulations as modified by Council Regulation (EC) 1361/2008 (SJU Regulation) and last amended by the Council Regulation (EU) 721/2014 of 16 June 2014.The SJU is henceforth responsible for “carrying out specific activities aimed at modernising the European air traffic management system by coordinating and concentrating all relevant research and development efforts in the Community.

Guided by the European ATM Master Plan, the SESAR JU is responsible for defining, developing, validating and delivering technical and operation solutions to modernise Europe’s air traffic management system and deliver benefits to Europe and its citizens. The SESAR JU research programme, known as SESAR 2020, is delivering solutions through SESAR research projects that address four key areas, namely airport operations, network operations, air traffic services and technology enablers. Research projects are also categorised into three strands: Exploratory research, Industrial research and validation and Very large-scale demonstrations. These strands have been designed as an innovation pipeline through which ideas are transformed into tangible solutions for industrialization.Further information on the activities of the SESAR JU is available at:

Job Profile

The Jobholder reports to the SESAR Joint Undertaking Chief Administration Affairs. Under his/her responsibility, the Facility Coordinator shall carry out the tasks that will be assigned to him/her, in particular:

  • Overseeing the building rental contract to ensure charges are regular and checked before initiating requests for payment. Liaise with other tenants via the tenants meeting to coordinate relevant positions with the Landlord and Building Management Company.
  • Overseeing the activities related to mission coordination and coordinate the work of the staff assigned to that function.
  • Act as OIA for buildings,facilities and office supplies,including accommodation,maintenance and intervention for furniture, offices, plants, signage, flooring, decoration, cleaning, facility maintenance, cafeteria functions, bathrooms / drying room. Maintain effective control over snagging and fixing facility issues. Liaise with the Building Management Company for external services including access, parking, heating & cooling and power supplies.
  • Develop, maintain and utilise a building occupancy tool to be able to manage SJU desk occupancy levels and confirm planning for new joiners and leavers with ICT andHR. Support process for newcomers & departures.
  • Ensure the ongoing security arrangements (badging, remote, video surveillance, alarm surveillance & guard services & Doors & Keys) of the SJU premises within the building, coordinating with the Building Management Company and SJU Local Security Officer as needed.
  • Act as OIA for security contracts.
  • Manage on a daily basis the services provided by contractors for Reception and Facility Back-Office services, including delegation of tasks within scope of their respective contractual agreements with the SJU. The objective being to secure a reliable, efficient and knowledgeable focal point for both visitors and SJU staff requiring assistance.
  • Perform asset/inventory management (incl. ABAC Assets Goods receipt & retirement).
  • Maintain Health & Safety compliance to ensure adequate prevention and protection at work and liaise with the OIB and other bodies.
  • Prepare or oversee the preparation of all procurement activities related to support services. In association with the Legal and procurement sector, and the Finance and Budget sector, perform the preparation of technical specifications and contracts, budget and financial reporting in accordance with the SJU Financial matrix for the subject area.

For more information on the position and requirements, please refer to the attached Vacancy note.

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