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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

Head of Innovation Communities Unit

Institution: European Institute of Technology
Place of employment: Budapest, Hungary
The application deadline is: 25 Jun. 2020

The Head of Unit Innovation Communities (IC) will manage the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) partnerships operations. The jobholder will support the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and EIT Director in achieving the EIT’s overall objectives and implementing the Annual Work Programme. As such, the jobholder will play a key role in building a cohesive IC unit, cooperating closely with other units in the EIT. The jobholder will be accountable and report to the COO.

The Head of Unit Innovation Communities will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the IC, including in particular:

  • Manage a team of around 20 staff;
  • Support the COO in the areas under the responsibility of IC Unit;
  • Prepare and implement the Annual Work Programme and annual budget in the area of IC Unit;
  • Ensure the sound management of grants allocated to the Knowledge and Innovation Communities in terms of planning, reporting and monitoring;
  • Ensure the simplification agenda is effectively implemented;
  • Ensure that the grant assurance strategy is further developed and effectively implemented through adequate checks, audits and supervision;
  • Contribute to the financial and operational management in the area of responsibility, including procurements, implementation of contracts, payments and reporting;
  • Regarding KIC operational activities and grant management in particular:

- Assess grant management needs and introduce continuous improvements and good practices;

- Foster performance monitoring and cost reporting on simplified grant management to the KICs;

- Ensure effective planning of risks and management of the ex-ante and ex-post control function;

- Support the monitoring of KICs’ outputs and ensuring EIT added value beyond grant support;

For more information please see the attached Vacancy note or visit EIT website under

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