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volunteer Scientific Expert in business

Institution: World Alliance for Efficient Solutions
Place of employment: no place provided
The application deadline is: 1 Aug. 2019

The European Commission is supporting the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. The Solar Impulse Foundation (Switzerland) backs the World Alliance and its commitment: collecting 1000 Efficient Solutions addressing five Sustainable Development goals - Clean Water, Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities, Responsible Consumption & Production, and Industry & Infrastructure. The portfolio of 1000 Efficient Solutions aims at encouraging decision-makers to adopt ambitious environmental targets, innovative regulations and sound policies.

An Efficient Solution shall protect the environment, be technologically feasible and have a positive socioeconomic impact whilst being commercially sound. A solution that successfully passes the assessment process of the World Alliance obtains the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, becomes part of the community, and gains access to new opportunities to reach investors, partners and/or clients.

The European Commission has been contributing to the efforts of the World Alliance since some months. EU funded innovations are proposed to join the World Alliance, and expert communities are contacted to further this initiative.

The World Alliance is in need of highly motivated experts. Voluntary experts are sought who can determine whether the solutions are sustainable, socio-economically beneficial, commercially viable and environmentally friendly. The assessment process must be completed online and it requires around 5 hours of work per month.

More information can be found here.


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