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Project Officer

Institution: Baltic Organisations’ Network for Funding Science (BONUS)
Place of employment: Helsiniki, Finland
The application deadline is: 26 Aug. 2018

BONUS Baltic Organisations’ Network for Funding Science EEIG is an independent organisation with a legal form of European Economic Interest Grouping. It is formed by research funding organisations from the Baltic Sea countries. The BONUS Secretariat is located in Helsinki, Finland. BONUS is funded by the national research funding organisations and the European Commission.

Project Officer will assist the Acting Executive Director of the BONUS EEIG in the tasks related to coordination of 2BONUS2 coordination and support action (CSA) ‘Towards the joint Baltic Sea and the North Sea research and innovation programme’. The overarching objective of this action is to create the necessary conditions for durable coordination of research and innovation efforts in the North Sea and Baltic Sea region by preparing a framework for launching the joint Baltic Sea and the North Sea research and innovation programme (2021 and onwards). This action will serve as a transition measure between the ongoing Baltic-Sea-focused BONUS Art. 185 programme and the foreseen future BONUS 2 programme with an extended geographical scope and in close cooperation with the relevant research networks in Europe.

The tasks of Project Officer will include, but will not be limited to:

  • managing the work of the national-level programme managers in the 2BONUS2 CSA project
  • developing the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the future Joint North Sea and the Baltic Sea R&I programme
  • forming the future programme’s stakeholder platforms
  • devising specific measures aiming for reinforcing the future programme’s impact

More information on the vacancy can be found here.

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