Call for Expression of Interest for scientific/academic experts

European Parliament’s Artificial Intelligence Observatory (EPAIO)
Application deadline


The European Parliament is issuing a call for expression of interest in order to compile a list of experts to provide independent and on-hand external expertise for the European Parliament’s Artificial Intelligence Observatory (EPAIO). Any expertise is subject to a corresponding request from the European Parliamentrelating to issues within the scope of the interest(s) and responsibilities of the EPAIO.

This call is exclusively addressed to experts with scientific/academic experience in research, and is exclusively addressed to natural persons(not to legal persons, such as companies).

Experts shall be selected for the list on the basis of their professional and technical ability to carry out the tasks described in this document. In order to be placed on the list of experts by the European Parliament, the applicant shall:

  • have a sound scientific/academic background with proven experience in research. He/she must have at least six years of professional experience in scientific/academic research, including at least four years clearly related to research in the field of relevant AI policy as specified in Paragraph 1.1 as specified in the attached document.
  • Doctoral students and postdocs working in the field who have less than six years of professional experience may apply, provided that:    
    • I.they are enrolled in a structured full-time doctoral programme of at least three years (minimum requirement: second year of doctoral studies) or are pursuing a remunerated full-time postdoctoral project,
    • II.their doctoral thesis/postdoctoral research project explicitly deals with one of the areas specified in Paragraph 1.1. as specified in the attached document and has a relevant focus,
    • III.they are able to present a minimum of two academic reference letters, at least one of which must be provided by a tenured/full professor;
  • have a publishing record in the specialised field, inter alia publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and/or monographs accepted for publication after a similar review process. These documents must have been published no earlier than five years prior to the date of application, and must be in research areas and on issues relevant to this call. Doctoral and postdoctoral students may be exempted from the requirement regarding peer-reviewed publications if they have pertinent academic teaching experience (minimum two academic terms with one course taught per term);
  • have achieved scientific/academic distinction, clearly relating to research in the fields relevant to this call for expression of interest (manifest, e.g., in membership of research networks or think-tanks, awards, participation in research projects, etc.);
  • have a very good command of English;
  • have the economic and financial capacity to provide the services set out in this document

The list of experts will be valid until 30 June 2024 and may be used at any time deemed appropriate by the European Parliament during this period.

For more information please refer to the attached Call description.