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17 Nov 2020

European Court of Auditors publishes report on EU programmes

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has published a report "on the performance of the EU budget –  Status at the end of 2019" which examines the results achieved by EU spending programmes financed from the EU budget. The assessment is based on performance information from the Commission and other sources, including ECA's own recent audit and review work.

The auditors conclude that the European Commission’s reporting on how well the EU spending programmes perform shows mixed results. While the auditors welcome the fact that the reporting keeps improving and is becoming more balanced, they also point to a number of problems: the quality of the Commission’s performance assessments still varies across programmes, and setting robust and informative performance indicators remains a challenge. They also say that the Commission should work with Member States to further ramp up data reliability in its reporting on budget performance.

For Horizon 2020, the auditors find there are no indications that performance is at risk, and examples of successful projects would be plentiful. The report underlines there would be a strong case for the programme providing EU added value through its uniqueness and pan-European character.

The report can be downloaded here:

Report on the performance of the EU budget

Press Release



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